10 Tips for Employee Cybersecurity

Security awareness training teaches employees about vulnerabilities in and threats to business operations. Cybersecurity should be part of the onboarding process for all new hires.  Moreover, regularly-scheduled security refresher training courses should be a requirement for all employees.  When you embed data security into your company’s culture, your employees become your best defense against cyberattacks.

Businesses Need Multi-Factor Authentication

  Are your company’s website and applications secure?  How about your e-mail system?  Are you sure?  Businesses need multi-factor authentication. And that includes even your small business. As we pointed out in a previous blog post, cybercrimes are up significantly as the result of the many companies that have adopted a work-from-home policy during the

4 Key Benefits of Virtualization

  In a previous blog post, we talked about the security advantages of cloud computing. But did you know that virtualization is the foundation of cloud computing?  It’s so central to our SaaS appointment scheduler, EZnet Scheduler®, that we’ve decided to put together this easy-to-understand tutorial on 4 key benefits of virtualization. What is Virtualization?

Digital Tech for Small Businesses

According to Deloitte’s recent small business study (commissioned by Google), 80% of small businesses in the U.S. are not taking full advantage of technology. Among the least digitally-engaged small businesses, 40% believe that digital tools are “not relevant” for their business, and 38% believe that “they are not effective.” In addition, 34% identified “privacy and

6 Data Security Tips for 2021

  Every year, data breaches cripple small businesses. In fact, according to Security Magazine, small businesses are the #1 target of cyber criminals. As a consequence, 60% of small businesses close within six months following a cyberattack.  It is important for small business owners to understand the importance of data security.  Further, they need to