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10 Ways EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition Helps Financial Professionals

Accounts, investment brokers and financial planners:  If you think appointment schedulers are just for scheduling appointments, you haven’t met EZnet Scheduler®.  EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition also enables financial professionals to manage resources.  Our scheduler even has a built-in payment module to help you get paid quickly.  And there’s so much more our scheduler can do

Photo of 6 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Use Text Messaging

6 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Use Text Messaging

Phone calls and voicemail messages are a thing of the past. Now, everyone says, “Text me.”  Auto repair customers say the same thing.  But, that’s not a bad,     because there are 6 ways auto repair shops can use text messaging for customer communications.  SMS messaging provides an incredibly convenient and easy way to communicate