How to Get More Appointment Bookings

How to Get More Appointment Bookings   Some businesses thrive on selling products or services, while others thrive on providing appointments or meetings. Both industries require one important investment to support sales efforts: Marketing. However, the latter business type isn’t as simple as clicking an “add to cart” button – which means it needs more

3 Industries That Benefit from an Online Scheduler

3 Industries That Benefit from an Online Scheduler   When you think of booking an appointment within a certain industry, which comes to mind? Of course, you often book appointments with doctors, dentists, dermatologists and other experts in the medical field. It’s essential that these practitioners are easy to reach and have an effective booking

The Importance of Following Up After Appointments

The Importance of Following Up After an Appointment You have a new customer, client or patient. He or she set up an appointment, arrived and successfully received their service or consultation. That’s the end, right? No – actually, this is where your relationship with the individual begins. Whether you own a spa, run a medical

4 Must-Have Marketing Tools

You are an expert in your business – but, to others, you’re only as knowledgeable as the tools you use to organize and showcase it. Perhaps you own a salon and have 20 years of experience cutting and dyeing hair; however, you must be able to tell this story in a captivating way through effective

5 Ways to Boost Productivity

Some weeks, you feel like a workplace superhero – completing important tasks on schedule without skipping a beat. Then, there are the weeks that seem like one long Monday. It’s normal to feel burned out from all the tasks on your to-do list. Whether it’s your career projects or your obligations in life outside of