Online Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare

Did you know that almost 41% of consumers schedule appointments after the close of normal business hours?  Moreover, 61% prefer a business or healthcare provider that offers online appointment scheduling. And, over 70% of them access the internet on their smartphone. For this reason, there is a need for online appointment scheduling in healthcare. Appointment

Prescription Center Uses EZcovid Scheduling™

  As the Covid vaccination effort continues, reports of scheduling debacles continue. In a New York Times article, “Faulty Software Snarls Vaccine Sign-Ups,” author Kellen Browning reported that in Virginia, the software recommended by the CDC was too confusing for older adults.  As a result, Virginia switched to another system.  But there were issues with

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6 Innovative Ways Educators use EZNet Scheduler

During this time of social isolation and remote learning, video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet are coming to the rescue for teachers and students around the world. However, these conferencing tools, combined with a robust scheduling tool like EZnet Scheduler®, are real lifesavers.  There are 6 innovative ways educators use EZnet Scheduler.   6

Four Things Your Small Business Needs Now

The impact of small businesses on our economy can’t be overstated. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. That’s a whopping 99% of all businesses! And If you’re one of the millions who own and operate a small business, you know there are countless things you

Note Taking Tips for Work

6 Notetaking Tips for Business

Notetaking in business is vastly different from the same activity in other settings.  Notes taken at home are usually simple reminders to get daily tasks done. And unlike academic settings, at work there is no test, so notes are strictly for your own benefit. It is sometimes tricky to figure out when notetaking should be done. 

Physicians Tips to Increase Follow Up Appointments

3 Tips to Increase Physician Follow-Up Appointments

Most busy physicians know the pain of cancellations and no-show appointments. It can be the most frustrating aspect of owning a medical practice. No-shows can cost your business a great deal of money if you aren’t careful.  But perhaps the most surprising thing is that most of those no-shows are for follow up appointments. Patients

Essential Consulting Business Items

3 Essential Items Every Consulting Business Needs

Are you a life coach? A business consultant? A relationship guru? In any case, you are in charge of handling the lives of individuals who have turned to you for guidance. As such, it’s extremely important to invest in items that can help you do your job more easily and efficiently.  We’ve complied a short

Hair Salon Online Scheduling

Why Salons Need an Appointment Scheduler

There are reasons why salons need an appointment scheduler.  Just think about the appointments your salon customers have scheduled in the past. Have they always arrived on time?  Have they ever cancelled?  How easy was it for them to reschedule appointments?  And have you ever gotten things so mixed up that you’ve overbooked appointments?  That

Hair Salon Scheduler Online

3 Industries That Benefit from Online Schedulers

When you think of booking an appointment within a certain industry, what comes to mind? Of course, you often book appointments by phone with doctors, dentists, dermatologists and other experts in the medical field. It’s essential for these practitioners to be easy to reach and to have a reliable system of scheduling appointments.  However, there

Follow-up Appointments

3 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Up

You have a new customer, client or patient. He or she set up an appointment, arrived and successfully received their service or consultation. That’s the end, right? No, in actuality, this is where your relationship with the individual begins. No matter what type of profession you’re in, you need to follow up with everyone who