More Than a Simple Appointment Scheduler

Appointment schedulers are a powerful business booster, according to Webflow. Their recent study revealed that adding online appointment scheduling creates large revenue gains for small businesses.  By the same token, the addition of an online appointment scheduler to a website increased revenue by up to 120 percent! That’s because an online appointment scheduler can enable

Customer Service Useful Links

Useful Customer Service Links

There are several crucial elements that go into running a successful business. Among the most important is great customer service. It’s what forms customer perception of your brand and its values.  If you’re not delivering top-notch customer service, you run the risk of failing.  That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of

Physicians Tips to Increase Follow Up Appointments

3 Tips to Increase Physician Follow-Up Appointments

Most busy physicians know the pain of cancellations and no-show appointments. It can be the most frustrating aspect of owning a medical practice. No-shows can cost your business a great deal of money if you aren’t careful.  But perhaps the most surprising thing is that most of those no-shows are for follow up appointments. Patients

Craft Comfortable Waiting Room

How to Create a Comfortable Physician’s Waiting Room

In any medical practice, it is important to create a warm and welcoming environment for patients. This involves carefully designing service spaces, front areas, and waiting rooms. And because your waiting room sets the mood for each patient’s experience and creates their first impression of your practice, you need to pay extra attention to its

Hair Salon Online Scheduling

Why Salons Need an Appointment Scheduler

There are reasons why salons need an appointment scheduler.  Just think about the appointments your salon customers have scheduled in the past. Have they always arrived on time?  Have they ever cancelled?  How easy was it for them to reschedule appointments?  And have you ever gotten things so mixed up that you’ve overbooked appointments?  That

Follow-up Appointments

3 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Up

You have a new customer, client or patient. He or she set up an appointment, arrived and successfully received their service or consultation. That’s the end, right? No, in actuality, this is where your relationship with the individual begins. No matter what type of profession you’re in, you need to follow up with everyone who

Schedulers Are an Important Part of Customer Service

When you’re running a business, it’s important to have excellent customer service. Regardless of how great your service is, it won’t continue to drive more people in the door if you aren’t treating your customers properly – and great service can only be achieved within a well-organized company. When it comes to organizing client meetings