3 Mortal Enemies of Organization

The 3 Mortal Enemies of Organization (and How to Conquer Them)

In the grand battle for a smooth and streamlined business, we often encounter standoffs along the way. These roadblocks hold us back from reaching our full potential and place a metaphorical rock in a series of gears that – otherwise – would be turning perfectly.

It’s time to clear the path to success and get organized. Read on for the top 3 mortal enemies of organization – and how you can conquer them.


  1. There are few things more discouraging than clutter and chaos. You can’t harvest any ideas with a messy office, and unanswered/ignored emails only lead to anxiety the longer you put them off.Take control of the chaos! Set aside time to clean and organize your office/workspace, along with cleaning your email. Clear thinking needs a clear workspace.


  1. Technology has aided careers in every industry, but certain tech can become a vice. Texting and video sharing sites can be distracting – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to go down a rabbit hole watching funny videos! If you don’t need your phone during the workday, shut it off.If you’re on a computer, it can also be tempting to visit social media and any nonwork related sites. Eliminate the temptation by sticking to only the sites and applications your work requires. Save the viral videos for the end of the day.


  1. You’ve probably heard that stress can sometimes be a great motivator, but unhealthy stress levels can start to affect the quality of your work. The most productive workers understand the importance of taking frequent breaks. Your body and mind require regular moments of rest — otherwise you will just burn yourself out. Stress can also hinder your focus, and you’ll see it in your work. It’s okay to go take a nice walk, grab a bite, or even take a short nap — anything to replenish your mind and come back to work fully motivated.


Do you see a theme in these 3 enemies of organization?

The truth is, the greatest foe you face is yourself. You create the chaos, allow the distractions and become overwhelmed by stress. However, before you feel disheartened, realize that you also create the structure, allow the focus and become soothed by the calm. Are you ready to conquer your next business battle and get organized?

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