4 Signs You Need to Get Organized

The word “organized” is one of those words that we love to hear — it has a sort of golden glow draped around it; a promise of something better, and it fills us with hope and determination. There are a lot of us, though, that might love the word, but have no idea how or when to engage it. Organization can be scary stuff, but also so very sweet. Here are four warning signs that you might want to start getting your stuff together:

1. Where’s My Stuff?

The biggest sign is not being able to find your keys when you’re trying to walk out the door, or find your left shoe when you already have your right laced and ready to go. If your phone is ringing from an unseen distance, rattling your heart, mocking you as your tear apart every room in your house only to realize that it was under a cushion the entire time, then you definitely need some form of order. Not everything has to have a labeled compartment, but you should at least have a spot for your keys.

2. I Forgot the Time!

We’ve all been there; you get busy doing a project or too invested in a television show to realize what time it was, and then suddenly it’s an hour passed your meeting time, and people are furious. Forgetting time is fine once in a while, because people are busy, but being known as the “tell them to be there an hour late so they actually show up early” kind of person, then maybe things need organized.

3. Too Much! Too Much!

Clutter is another sign that you might want to think about organizing yourself. If you notice that your kitchen table is used as a random artifact collector rather than for eating, or you keep finding bizarre and useless things you bought scattered around your home, then something had got to give. Cleaning might not be your problem — keeping things organized is.

4. Treat Yourself?

Another perk for being organized is that you actually find time to treat yourself like a god or goddess, so if you’re not leading an organized life, then you will find that you’re more stressed and missing out on the things that you actually enjoy doing.

The fact of the matter is, you’re not a bad person for being disorganized, but if you know you might need to make a change and choose to do nothing, then you’ll only be miserable. Getting organized will dramatically increase your quality of life. What are some other things that you can do to get organized? Let us know in the comments!

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