How to Facilitate a Productive Atmosphere in Your Office

Being productive can be a challenge some days, so it’s only natural that we want to find ways to nudge ourselves in the right direction, but also keep moral and health up. So we’ve come up with some things that will help you boost your productivity in your office space!

Add greenery.

It’s scientifically proven that having plants in an office not only makes it look nice, but it also reduces stress, anxiety, depression, hostility, fatigue and improves the air quality in your little corner of work! It doesn’t have to be a big fern or ficus or anything — it can be something as small as a succulent or a little cactus! Don’t settle for those fake plants that collect dust and make the room seem more stuffy; if it’s caring for the plant that you’re worried about — don’t worry, there are some pretty resilient ones out there.

Keep your space organized.

If you can’t find your work in a messy desk, then you certainly won’t be productive in the way that you want. Find an organizer that suits your needs and your desk size, even if it’s just a file holder. Once you have room to move your arms freely, you’ll find that you’ll have more motivation to do your work.

Don’t use your desk for storage.

That might sound weird, because – duh, you have to store things on or in your desk – but don’t keep unnecessary things in your workspace. Extra paper, files, old projects, etc, can all be filed away from where you make the magic happen. Decreasing the clutter will make organizing easier and, therefore, your time spent at your desk more productive!

Keep one or several “de-stress” items close by!

It could very well be the plants that you’ve introduced to your office that acts as a stress relief, but it can be anything from a little zen garden,to a stress ball (or five), or even a scalp massager! So long as it’s something that can give you a five minute break and ease the stress out of your body, it works. Some people even keep little water fountains!

Even these small ideas can make a difference in how things get done around your work zone. So long as you are actively trying to make a change, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with just a small house plant or a squishy ball!

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