How to Stay Productive With the Holidays Around the Corner

The end of the year is frantic for a million and one reasons, and the big ones are the holidays. It’s the season of planning family get togethers, parties, shopping, hiding the shopping from housemates or partners — not to mention children! The holidays are, to say the least, hectic. But does that stop us from enjoying ourselves? Not at all! So here are some tips on how to be productive during the holidays.

Reduce your “To-Do” list.

If your average day consists of six or seven tasks, reduce that down to four or five, as it reduces the amount of stress on you and everyone around you. It will give you time to actually finish your work, and partake in any office parties or festivities there might be.

Try not to shop at work.

We know that it can be tempting when you have some down-time and want to knock out some gift shopping while you don’t have anyone around, but it can easily turn from 5 minutes to an hour and a half, and that’s time wasted for you and your work. Keep it limited to before and after your tasks are finished for the day.

Set aside a special time of day specifically for shopping and worrying about planning for the holidays.

Preferably a time away from work, but not before, so you don’t walk in frazzled. Set aside a small chunk of time — 30 minutes to an hour — and once it’s over, it’s over. No more worrying.

Reduce the amount of meetings you’re scheduling.

Does anyone really have time for them during the holiday season? Absolutely not! Only set meetings when you absolutely have to, or combine different things into one meeting.

Try coming back from your breaks just a few minutes early.

This might sound awful, but we promise, it gives you the chance to get your head back into gear, jam your work music a little louder than you normally would, and enjoy some solitude before you continue the rest of your day.

Trying to stay motivated and productive during the holiday season is difficult, and understandably so; we have a lot going on as people with families and/or friends. However, if you grit your teeth, buckle down, and give these five tips a try, maybe we’ll make it through the holidays with our sanity still in tact!

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