Tips to Get Organized in 2020

We live in a fast-paced world where it seems even a slight detour or bump in the road can leave you feeling left behind. Unfortunately, some individuals create unnecessary hurdles by being disorganized. When you make a commitment to becoming organized, you’ll notice a reduction in stress and an increase in time. So, how do you kick the chaos habit to the side and become an organizing pro? Here are a few tips to get you started on a well-organized 2020.

Declutter your computer

Is your computer desktop littered with so many shortcuts and icons you can’t even see the wallpaper? If that’s the case, it’s probably time to declutter your computer. Consider making new folders and combining like items. For instance, if you have 10 pictures from last month’s holiday party on your desktop, create a folder named “Holiday Party 2019” and file them away. Additionally, you can rid yourself of unnecessary programs that take up desktop space and hog resources. Just make sure you don’t uninstall a vital app or program.

Use pen and paper

It seems like everyone has a smartphone, so adding appointments or creating to-do lists is easy, but consider writing important details down instead. According to research, writing down information increases memory retention and recall. Also, even if you have a sharp memory, don’t leave things to chance. Winging it with your memory may seem like a good idea at the time, but a few hours later you might regret that decision.

Offer clients an easy scheduling option

You don’t want to lose track of your appointments with clients. That’s a recipe for business disaster. A complete scheduling solution can remove this risk completely. Select a program that offers online scheduling that provides your customers the chance to make an appointment 24 hours a day. This will also update you immediately when a client decides to schedule an appointment. No need to break out the scheduling book or calendar.

Clean your office

A cluttered and disorganized office not only looks terrible, but it’s also a catalyst for stress and poor time management. Start with your desk by removing any unnecessary items. If you don’t need it daily, find a new home for that item. Properly file papers and don’t be afraid to grab cleaner and a few paper towels. Once you finish polishing up your desk, get to work on the surrounding area. Again, if you find any items you don’t need, send them to a box to take home or to place in storage. Lastly, don’t forget to vacuum the floor. You’ll notice a big difference between working in a cluttered office versus a clean and organized one.

Follow these tips and make 2020 the year of an organized you. It may just help make this year the best one yet.

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