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6 Innovative Ways Educators use EZNet Scheduler for Remote Teaching

During this time of social isolation and remote learning, video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet are coming to the rescue of teachers and students around the world. However, these conferencing tools combined with a robust scheduling tool like EZnet Scheduler are really lifesavers.

Here are six innovative ways educators use EZNet Scheduler for remote teaching:

Cloud-based Platform

Teachers can access EZnet Scheduler any time. The platform allows you to book virtual academic appointments through multiple devices at any location, whether it’s your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Versatile Remote Scheduling

EZnet Scheduler works great for scheduling classroom activities, tests, virtual field trips, remote PTA meetings, and more. It displays complete details on students, meeting subject, scheduled time slot and types of meetings.

Empower Students

Use EZnet Scheduler’s online Booking Page to let students schedule their own session time with you. Not seeing their friends face-to-face every day can be hard for students. You can help them adjust to this new reality by encouraging them to schedule a lunch session for classmates to stay connected.

Conferences Comfort Parents’ Distance Learning

Parents now have a very hectic schedule with their kids at home and the burden of distance learning. They will need teachers’ support to guide the learning process. EZnet Scheduler provides you with a web scheduling portal that simply lets parents sign their children up for available learning sessions.

24/7 Access

EZnet Scheduler is a hosted application. This means you have no software to install and configure, no hardware to purchase and maintain, and no cumbersome upgrades to worry about. Your scheduling portal is available to your students 24/7.

Keeps Everyone Connected

Teachers’ can use EZnet Scheduler’s text reminders to keep students — and parents — up to speed. The software texts or Emails students and parents a reminder prior to their appointment time.
That sense of connection is important to sustain now more than ever. With EZnet Scheduler, you can make sure your students know you are thinking of them, care for them, and miss them.  Connecting with students during distance learning doesn’t have to be difficult or tricky. It can be simple –  especially when you are using EZnet Scheduler.

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