Most Important Factor in Closing the Sale

The Single Most Important Factor in Closing the Sale

Sales represents a point where business and psychology intersect, it is a subtle art that comes more natural to some than others. For those who must work at it, developing a winning sales technique usually involves learning what works with clients and more importantly what doesn’t work.

Each person has their own approach, but there’s one thing that remains the same whether you’re selling vintage postcards online or million-dollar homes.

Value makes the sale.

You’re probably thinking “wait a minute, that’s pretty obvious,” and for the most part you’re right.

But value has been looked at in a two-dimensional light for too long, reduced simply to the idea that a products features should be highlighted. While highlighting your product or service’s features is a key part of sales pitching, there is a lot more at work under the surface.

You may not realize it, but you are taking value into consideration before it even crosses your prospect’s mind. Clients are sought after by companies or salespeople, and from there are filtered out based on their needs.

When fulfilling a client or customer’s needs outweigh the benefits of doing business, the lack of value should be noted, and no further pursuing should take place.

Product Customer Value
It doesn’t matter what you are selling – value begins with the customer. That’s why they say “there’s a customer for every product,” because if the value is there, the sales will follow. Provide value upfront by being invested in the customer’s choices.

So even before you try to close the sale you should be asking yourself if this is someone you’d want to sell to, because chances are a prospect that lacks value on paper will probably pass on giving you their business in the end.

Once you’ve engaged a prospect who exhibits value, the role of “value producer” switches, and it’s time for you to win them over.

You can do this not by demonstrating the value of your product, but by expressing how much you value your future client.

The attentive nature you display demonstrates your ability to understand their needs, and discovery questions that are tailored to the client show you care about improving their life, and not just selling them a product.

Only when someone feels valued will they truly begin to see the value of what you have to offer them, and it’s at this point where your product or service takes center stage. By taking the time to evaluate how valuable a prospective client is to you and your organization, you make smarter choices about who you apply your resources towards selling.

When a client feels valued from the first few minutes into your pitch, then you know you’ve won half the battle to get their business. By understanding the importance of “value,” you can become the closer you always knew you were.

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