Say Goodbye to Distractions

Distractions are literally everywhere.  They’re in the workplace, at your desk, and even in your hand — your phone.  They are the absolute worst things to have when work needs to get done.  This is especially true when you’re a remote worker for a virtual company.  While everyone gets distracted from time to time, it

3 Reasons to Go Paperless

Much has changed in the last several years.  Many things that used to be done on paper are now accomplished digitally.  These changes have made our lives much easier, especially in business.  One of the tools we now have access to is online appointment scheduling. A good appointment scheduler can keep you organized and can

Small Friday Things That Will Help Your Mondays

It’s normal to feel burned out at work on Friday.  You’ve spent five whole days throwing your very best (or at least what we think is our very best) into your job.  All you need now is a break, right?  The weekend flies by, and then comes the dreaded Monday again.  That makes you feel

4 Ways to Diffuse Toxic Business Situations

Business owners are faced with a variety of daily difficulties.  They’re basically the business equivalent of a superhero. Sometimes, though, things can get out of hand.  And that can leave business owners in some uncomfortable situations. When that happens, all other tasks seem to fade away because suddenly, all that matters is simmering everything down

4 Features of a Productive Workspace

Maintaining a productive workspace can be a challenge. First, it’s easy for clutter to get out of hand.  Second, we often become distracted by music playing in the background. For sure, cheap office chairs that don’t support your workers’ posture will diminish their productivity. On thing is certain:  we don’t pay enough attention to the

4 Signs That You Need to Get Organized

The words “get organized” are not something we look forward to hearing at work.  Yet, if we look at the situation the right way, getting organized can be a source of hope and determination. By the same token, some of us don’t even realize we need to get organized until we need to find something

Note Taking Tips for Work

6 Notetaking Tips for Business

Notetaking in business is vastly different from the same activity in other settings.  Notes taken at home are usually simple reminders to get daily tasks done. And unlike academic settings, at work there is no test, so notes are strictly for your own benefit. It is sometimes tricky to figure out when notetaking should be done.