Discover a new way to create time exclusions from the calendar

In our effort to improve the overall user experience in EZnet Scheduler, one enhancement we made is a shortcut option to add time exclusions to the Scheduler—right from the calendar.

What is a time exclusion?

A time exclusion is a time slot in the calendar that blocks time off in a normal day’s operating hours or time slot for available appointments. Examples of when you might need to use a time exclusion is for one-off meeting, an early close, or late start. You can also set a time exclusion to open up the calendar in a normally closed time period.

How do I make a time exclusion?

1. Click in the desired time slot

To create a new time exclusion on the calendar, you can now do it right from the calendar view. Simply right click in the time slot you want to exclude from the normal operating hours and select “Add Individual Time Exclusion” if you want this to apply at the station level (vertical columns shown in sample which applies only to a single station) or if it is applicable company wide, select the “Add Company Time Exclusion” option.

Screenshot of the time exclusion menu for EZnet Scheduler

2. Define the time exclusion details

Complete the fields to meet your requirements ensuring the date and time are correct. In the third row labeled “Tag Message” choose the description for this calendar exception.

3. Save changes

When you’re finished, confirm the time to block and click “Apply”.

Screenshot zoomed in of the "Apply" button to apply changes to the EZnet Scheduler time exclusion changes.

The newly blocked time appears in the assigned slot. The Scheduler will not allow appointments in these time exclusions. The opposite is true for allowing appointments in a normally closed time period.

To read more about all the changes to EZnet Scheduler, check out the “New Features in EZnet Scheduler 6.8” article.