Introducing new universal search feature to calendar

We’re excited to announce an improved search function in this version of EZnet Scheduler. In this release, we are introducing a new universal search feature to the calendar which enables you to search any field in a universal search bar. You no longer have to search in an individual field—this is a major improvement to the overall user experience.

Configure EZnet Scheduler to save customer data

In order for this to work, you need to make sure your settings are configured properly to allow saving contacts. To do this, go to Company Account > Company Administration > Appointment Options > Company Settings.

screenshot of account administration of EZnet Scheduler for universal search feature settings

Under Company Settings, in the third column third row down, change “Auto-Save Clients” to “Always”.

screenshot of EZnet Scheduler company settings for universal search function

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Save Company Data.

How to use the new universal search feature

Follow these steps to use the new universal search feature:

1. To search, click the calendar anywhere

screenshot of EZnet Scheduler add appointment window

2. Enter any part or all of your search query and then select the Search button.

3. The search results appear right in the window

screenshot of search results for "an" resulting in showing Angela Anders and Arlene Anderson

4. Click on the person's name to open the record

Screenshot of EZnet Scheduler search result detail

That’s it. You’re all set.

To learn about other improvements we’ve made to the Scheduler check out this article on all the changes. (link to the article).