Say Goodbye to Distractions by Implementing These Practices

Distractions are literally everywhere; they’re in the workplace, at your desk, and even in your hand, on your phone! While they can be great for anxiety-purposes, they are the absolute worst when work needs to get done. It happens to everyone. So here are some ways to eliminate distractions and get on that work grind:

Ward off digital temptations. Whether you set a specific block of time aside for yourself to avoid social media sites and anything else that would be tempting to do instead of work (news sources, comedy sites, games, etc), which would take an insane amount of self control — and if you have it, do it. Be brave — or if you want to download a program onto your computer that will literally keep you off those sites for a set number of hours, keeping the digital temptations away will regain your several hours of your work time back.

It’s okay to take breaks. In fact, you should take them often. Small, frequent breaks can actually boost your productivity and keep your day from seeming to drag on endlessly. It’ll leave you feeling less tired at the end of the day.

Turn off your smartphone notifications. A lot of the time, your phone will go off for silly reasons, and the notifications can cause wandering eyes when it’s not even something important. Turning off the notifications for non-important things will keep you focused on what you’re working on.

Do the stuff you don’t want to do first. The second you get that project you’ve been dreading, or the really hard paperwork, or the tedious payroll all out of the way, your mind will clear, and you will find that your get a lot of other things done, because the hard stuff is done already. If possible, go in early and get it done before everyone shows up, or close your office door so you have some silence to work.

Be positive. Your mood while trying to complete a task will determine whether or not you’re fully committed to it, or dragging it around because you’re distracted. If you walk up to a project with a negative attitude, then you’re going to find that you can’t get anything done. Nothing seems to work right for you. However, if you approach something with a positive mindset, you can tackle it quickly and efficiently.

While distractions are everywhere — and some of them we can’t control — we have most of the power to determine whether or not we’re going to let ourselves continue to be distracted. Just remember the things mentioned above, and you’ll see that most of your interferences up and vanish!

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