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Appointment Scheduling in Virtual Companies


According to a Forbes article, online appointment scheduling will increase annually by at least 15 percent through the year 2023.  Furthermore, by the end of 2023, Forbes predicts that online appointment scheduling will be valued at $360 million.  This figure has more than doubled since 2017.  So there is an urgent need for appointment scheduling in virtual companies.

Key factors that have fueled the growth of appointment schedulers

  • Increased need to reduce missing appointments;
  • Greater need for staff and resource management;
  • Rising consumer demand for customer appointment self-scheduling 24/7/365 (60% of today’s consumers demand the ability to self-schedule appointments 24/7/365.  To be competitive, all companies need to meet this demand); and
  • Increased need to optimize business efficiency.

The Covid-19 pandemic is another factor that has thrust tens of thousands of businesses and schools into virtual-only operations.

EZnet Scheduler Appointment Scheduling in Virtual Companies
EZnet Scheduler appointment scheduling in virtual accessible on all devices, Windows/Android or Apple.

The Benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling

Online appointment scheduling software is a convenient, easy way to manage a volume of appointments. Are you a sales professional who travels to meet with clients?  EZnet Scheduler®, cloud-based SaaS online appointment scheduling software can schedule all of your appointments, confirm them and notify you when a customer needs to reschedule their appointment.

Say goodbye to no shows and lost revenue!

At the same time, appointment scheduling software is not just for sales professionals. Online appointment scheduling software is used in hospitals, doctor’s offices, point-of-care facilities, auto repair centers, hair salons, spas, physical therapy centers, restaurants, financial services firms, law offices and many other businesses around the world to schedule a large numbers of appointments every day, week and year.

EZcovid Scheduling™

Because the Covid pandemic has necessitated millions of vaccination appointments, EZnet Scheduler has developed a special-edition appointment scheduler called EZcovid Scheduling™, which is enabling independent pharmacies to easily manage Covid vaccinations.  Our powerful appointment scheduling software enables pharmacies and other healthcare organizations to:

  • Schedule multiple appointments at the same time in accordance with available vaccine administration personnel on hand
  • Send confirmation text, email or phone confirmations, notifications and appointment reminders as per recipients preferences
  • View cancelled appointments, which automatically show up in the calendar as being available time slots
  • Automatically schedule second-dose appointments for each vaccine recipient

As a result, even small, independent pharmacies are able to manage Covid vaccinations without disrupting their normal pharmacy operations.

EZnet Scheduler Academic Edition

In the same way, schools, colleges and other academic settings are benefitting from our powerful EZnet Scheduler appointment scheduling software.  Do you teach in a school that has, for the first time ever, begun conducting virtual classes, parent-teacher conferences and faculty meetings as a result of the Covid pandemic?  EZnet Scheduler Academic Edition online appointment scheduling software is easy to learn and use and offers the degree of flexibility you need.

Educators use EZnet Scheduler Academic Edition to schedule video meetings and phone calls with students and their parents, schedule club meetings and virtual events, faculty meetings and faculty development sessions, receive automatic appointment and meeting confirmations (or declines) and requests to reschedule appointments and meetings.  There are countless ways to customize and utilize the features EZnet Scheduler appointment scheduling software offers.

The key features that make the top online appointment scheduling programs highly popular are hyper-individualization/personalization and flexibility. You’ll find both—and more—in EZnet Scheduler appointment scheduling software.

The Extra Benefit of EZnet Scheduler

And here’s why all of this really matters for your school, business or organization:  over time, appointment scheduling software will able you to analyze your customers’ appointment behavior so you can begin to predict their future appointment scheduling behavior. As a result, you will be able to deliver a better customer/client experience.

In that sense, truly robust online appointment schedulers like EZnet Scheduler also function as client management systems.  Such client experience and management should be embedded into the very fabric of every virtual company’s culture.  In the long run, you will build a sustainable, competitive business.

For these and many other reasons, online appointment scheduling isn’t just the “wave of the future.” It’s the norm—today and well into the future.  Businesses and professionals that prioritize and invest in appointment scheduling and client management will gain competitive advantage.

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