Illustration of visualization in business intelligence

4 Types of Business Intelligence Leaders Need Now

Business intelligence is defined as a process of collecting and processing business information to derive insights and make profitable business decisions. Smart business owners and leaders rely on a variety of business intelligence to make better decisions. With more digital tools at our fingertips than ever before, it’s important for business leaders, especially small business

Image of financial services

10 Ways EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition Helps Financial Professionals

Accounts, investment brokers and financial planners:  If you think appointment schedulers are just for scheduling appointments, you haven’t met EZnet Scheduler®.  EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition also enables financial professionals to manage resources.  Our scheduler even has a built-in payment module to help you get paid quickly.  And there’s so much more our scheduler can do

Photo of 6 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Use Text Messaging

6 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Use Text Messaging

Phone calls and voicemail messages are a thing of the past. Now, everyone says, “Text me.”  Auto repair customers say the same thing.  But, that’s not a bad,     because there are 6 ways auto repair shops can use text messaging for customer communications.  SMS messaging provides an incredibly convenient and easy way to communicate