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Creating a Virtual Company Culture

There has never been a better time than this Covid-19 pandemic for businesses to “go virtual.”  Creating a virtual company culture? That’s a challenge, especially when your team is distributed around the world in different time zones.   The questions many business owners have about virtual company culture include: What tools and technology do I

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6 Features Your Scheduler Should Have

Online appointment schedulers are hugely popular. And there are many from which to choose, all with their particular “menu” of features.  Of the 6 features your scheduler should have, there is one that may not be top of mind for you:  your customers. What your customers want in an online appointment scheduler is just as

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Online Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare

Did you know that almost 41% of consumers schedule appointments after the close of normal business hours?  Moreover, 61% prefer a business or healthcare provider that offers online appointment scheduling. And, over 70% of them access the internet on their smartphone. For this reason, there is a need for online appointment scheduling in healthcare. Appointment

Prescription Center Uses EZcovid Scheduling™

  As the Covid vaccination effort continues, reports of scheduling debacles continue. In a New York Times article, “Faulty Software Snarls Vaccine Sign-Ups,” author Kellen Browning reported that in Virginia, the software recommended by the CDC was too confusing for older adults.  As a result, Virginia switched to another system.  But there were issues with

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More Than a Simple Appointment Scheduler

Appointment schedulers are a powerful business booster, according to Webflow. Their recent study revealed that adding online appointment scheduling creates large revenue gains for small businesses.  By the same token, the addition of an online appointment scheduler to a website increased revenue by up to 120 percent! That’s because an online appointment scheduler can enable

Illustration of virtual company culture

Appointment Scheduling in Virtual Companies

  According to a Forbes article, online appointment scheduling will increase annually by at least 15 percent through the year 2023.  Furthermore, by the end of 2023, Forbes predicts that online appointment scheduling will be valued at $360 million.  This figure has more than doubled since 2017.  So there is an urgent need for appointment

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Meet Demand for 24/7 Appointment Scheduling

How are the wall calendar and sticky notes working for you?  Sooner or later, you will need a better appointment scheduling and reminder system.  Indeed, that better way is already here!  It’s called EZnet Scheduler®  Did you know that 70 percent of consumers expect to be able to schedule appointments online?  Furthermore, they want to