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More Than a Simple Appointment Scheduler

Appointment schedulers are a powerful business booster, according to Webflow. Their recent study revealed that adding online appointment scheduling creates large revenue gains for small businesses.  By the same token, the addition of an online appointment scheduler to a website increased revenue by up to 120 percent! That’s because an online appointment scheduler can enable your business to meet consumer demand for appointment self-scheduling. Did you know that 70% of consumers want to self-schedule their appointments with you?  But not all appointment schedulers offer all the features you need.  that’s why we built EZnet Scheduler® to be more than a simple appointment scheduler.

What to Look for in an Online Appointment Scheduler

Not all online schedulers are created equal. As such, you need to ensure that the appointment scheduler you choose includes the following features:

1. Affordability

Cost is critical for small and startup businesses on a limited budget. EZnet Scheduler is a highly-affordable option.  Truly, it offers great value for the price, according to Software Advice.

2. Ease of use

You shouldn’t have a long “learning curve” with an online appointment scheduler. It should be easy to learn and use.  Therefore, if the appointment scheduler comes with free training, that’s even better.  In keeping with this, EZnet Scheduler provides a free 30-minute setup session and unlimited phone support.

3. Flexibility

An appointment scheduler should be flexible and customizable. It must suit a variety of business needs. For this reason, EZnet Scheduler has produced specialty schedulers to suit a wide range of industries, including Covid vaccination scheduling and auto repair scheduling.

4. Unlimited text reminders

Appointment schedulers should offer appointment invitations, reminders, confirmations and follow-ups. Accordingly, EZnet Scheduler offers unlimited text reminders as well as voice and e-mail reminders.  Moreover, customers can receive voice, text or email appointment reminders and confirmations in accordance with their preferences.

5. Payment option

Appointment scheduling software should enable customers to prepay for services.  Because of this, EZnet Scheduler includes a built-in payment module that integrates seamlessly with all payment authorization gateways.

6. Free trial.

If the appointment scheduling software includes a free trial period, that’s a great way for you to determine its suitability for your business.  With this in mind, all EZnet Scheduler subscription plans come with a 15-day free trial.

7. 2/4/7/365 scheduling capability

Did you know that almost 70% of today’s consumers demand the ability to schedule their appointments online?  As a result, you need an appointment scheduler that enables 24/7/365 appointment self-scheduling.  EZnet Scheduler does that, and much more.

As an illustration, EZnet Scheduler can be implemented on your website.  Or, the scheduler can be accessed through EZnet Scheduler’s URL.  By all means, this simplicity eliminates customer appointment-scheduling frustration. Moreover, your company will deliver a better customer experience as well as better customer service. And, when your customers are able to schedule appointments when and how they prefer, they’ll be more likely to do so.  Plus they’ll be more likely to keep their appointments.

8. Text Confirmations.

Online appointment schedulers should come with the ability to send text confirmations. That’s because today’s consumers are never away from their smartphones. Moreover, the majority of consumers prefer text messages over phone calls. This makes it super easy for customers to confirm and keep their appointments.  As a result, you will acquire more sales and leads (37% on average, according to Webflow), reduced no-show appointments and increased revenue.

So, now, are you ready to finally throw away the calendar and the sticky notes?  Replacing that old-school appointment setting system with good online appointment scheduler will be the key to increased efficiency in your business. To be sure, implementing an online appointment scheduler on your company’s website will eliminate the need schedule and confirm customer appointments by phone. At the same time, the scheduling is will enable you to boost revenue and cut costs.  The scheduler does all of the work so you don’t have to.

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