Prescription Center Uses EZcovid Scheduling™

Prescription Center uses EZcovid Scheduling
EZcovid Scheduling™ is a simple yet robust SaaS appointment scheduler made to power Covid-19 vaccinations at independent pharmacies like Prescription Center in Beverly Hills, California. EZcovid Scheduling enables you to schedule and confirm appointments, send automatic second-dose reminders and manage resources.


As the Covid vaccination effort continues, reports of scheduling debacles continue. In a New York Times article, “Faulty Software Snarls Vaccine Sign-Ups,” author Kellen Browning reported that in Virginia, the software recommended by the CDC was too confusing for older adults.  As a result, Virginia switched to another system.  But there were issues with that software, too.   Vaccination centers should perhaps learn from superior scheduling at independent pharmacies across the U.S.  For example, Beverly Hills’ Prescription Center uses EZcovid Scheduling.

Covid Vaccine Scheduling Problems

According to Browning, the software used in Virginia generated reusable appointment links that ended up on Facebook.  As a result, there were dozens of overbooked appointments at one Richmond, VA, vaccination site.  Many people were turned away, and that led to threats against site officials.

The fact of the matter is that Virginians are not alone in this madness.  Elsewhere in the U.S., people are experiencing similar debacles.  For example, a Suffolk County, New York, resident told the EZnet Scheduler®’s sales and marketing team about his bad experience:  His first-dose appointment at a local big-box pharmacy abruptly ended with “We can’t give you the vaccine.”  That’s because he hadn’t received a confirmation email.  He showed the pharmacy a printout of the online confirmation he had received immediately after he booked the appointment, but they still wouldn’t vaccinate him.

Another vaccine recipient was turned away because she hadn’t received a “check-in” text from another big-box pharmacy.  For this reason, the pharmacy refused to vaccinate her. Even though her appointment had been confirmed, they still turned her away.

“If you can’t check in, you can’t be vaccinated,” pharmacy gatekeepers said.  The woman, aged 60, hopes for a better experience elsewhere.

EZcovid Scheduling Solves Vaccination Scheduling Problems

Prescription Center Uses EZcovid Scheduling

Move over, big-box pharmacies!  Independent pharmacies like Prescription Center in Beverly Hills, California, are using a better vaccine scheduling solution: EZcovid Scheduling, powered by EZnet Scheduler®.

Prescription Center chose EZcovid Scheduling because of all the robust features that have made it a top-rated SaaS appointment scheduler:

  • 24/7/365 appointment self-scheduling;
  • Unlimited text and email appointment confirmations and reminders;
  • Automatic second-dose reminders; and
  • Pharmacy resource management.
  • Plus 6 features your scheduler should have!
EZnet Scheduler screen shots
EZnet Scheduler is accessible on all devices, Windows/Android or Apple.

The best part is that EZcovid Scheduling is designed for optimal flexibility, adaptability and reliability.  In addition, it’s backed by USA-based customer support from real people, not bots.  And that’s not all.  You can check out other great features in EZnet Scheduler’s new explainer video.

Early on in the pandemic, CEO Jerry Stabler recognized EZnet Scheduler’s ability to manage Covid vaccinations.  For this reason, his company, EZnet Services, Inc.®, developed EZcovid Scheduling.

“We’re thrilled that Prescription Center is using EZcovid Scheduling.  Of primary importance for pharmacies is that it’s 100% reliable.  Second, it’s flexible and fully customizable.  And it can be employed on site or at any number of remote locations,” said Stabler.  “At the same time, vaccine recipients can self-schedule and confirm appointments 24/7/365.  And our scheduler sends automatic second-dose reminders to them.  Equally important is that cancellations automatically appear in the calendar.  Because of that, it’s easy to see when a time slot once again becomes available.”

Other Benefits of EZcovid Scheduling

EZcovid Scheduling offers another key benefit:  It’s a standalone product.

“EZcovid Scheduling does not require any additional software or hardware. It’s a simple, cloud-based SaaS product that can be used right “out of the box.”  But at the same time, it’s an industrial-strength business tool,” stresses Stabler.

Need Additional Vaccination Staff?

Through a strategic partnership with Medical Staffing Services, EZnet Scheduler also facilitates vaccination staffing.  In this way, pharmacies can recruit trained, fully-vetted full-time, part-time or temporary vaccination personnel.

EZnet Services, Inc. is a customized programming specialist and developer of EZnet Scheduler and EZcovid Scheduling. Whether a business is looking for custom-developed software or a customizable, out-of-the-box SaaS solution like EZnet Scheduler, EZnet Services has software solutions to fit every need.  EZnet designs software to enhance the global competitiveness of companies in over 30 industries.

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