Photo of 6 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Use Text Messaging

6 Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Use Text Messaging

Phone calls and voicemail messages are a thing of the past. Now, everyone says, “Text me.”  Auto repair customers say the same thing.  But, that’s not a bad,     because there are 6 ways auto repair shops can use text messaging for customer communications.  SMS messaging provides an incredibly convenient and easy way to communicate with your customers and prospective customers.

Why Text Messaging is a Powerful Business Booster

The statistics from Text Request tell the story about the power of text messaging in business:

  • 99% of texts are read
  • Texts are read within 5 seconds of being sent
  • 45% of marketing texts get responses
  • 9 out of 10 people would rather get a text than a call

Further, according to Forbes:

  • Almost all (97%) Americans send at least one text per day

Moreover, research by OpenMarket found that:

  • 83% of millennials open texts within 90 seconds of receiving them.

Text Message vs. Email

To compare that to email, Campaign Monitor reports that email open rates for 2020 clocked in at just 18 percent, with a click-through rate of just 2.6%.

And what about old school phone calls?

Only 20% of people will answer calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize. Moreover, they will almost never respond to a voicemail!

So, what’s an auto repair shop owner to do?

Implement an online appointment scheduler that comes with unlimited text message appointment notifications, reminders and confirmations.  EZauto Scheduler® does all of that.

6 Ways Auto Repair Shops can use Text Messaging

1. Use Text Messaging to Send Appointment Reminders

Once customers have booked an appointment with your auto repair shop, EZauto Scheduler sends automatic text message confirmations, reminders and notifications.  At EZnet, they’re unlimited and FREE.  This greatly reduces no shows, which increases your revenue.

Image of EZnet Scheduler text message appointment reminder
EZauto Scheduler enables unlimited text message notifications and reminders.

2. Use Text Messaging to Send Maintenance Reminders

Preventative care is the best way to keep vehicles running problem-free. However, people often forget when it’s time for an oil change, new tires, brakes or any other kind of vehicle maintenance. Instead of leaving it to your customers to remember when they’re due for service, you can instead send them a text message to remind them.

Even better, EZauto Scheduler enables you and your customers to schedule recurring appointments. As a result, customers will automatically receive appointment notifications, reminders and confirmations.

EZauto Scheduler does all the work so you don’t have to.

3. Use Text Messaging to Update Customers on The Progress of Their Repairs

Dropping your car off and waiting for it to be done is never fun. Your customers will appreciate being kept in the loop through text message updates.

It’s a simple, personal way to communicate with customers about the status of their auto repair or maintenance. This is especially true with respect to bigger repair jobs. You can use text messaging to let them know when parts have arrived, to inform them of the progress of the repairs, and of course, to alert them when the work is completed.

Image of EZnet Scheduler customer repair progress update via text message
EZauto Scheduler enables unlimited text message progress updates.

4. Use Text Messaging to Enable paperless Invoices, Work Orders and Payment

Now, your customers don’t even need to come into your shop to pay for your repair services. When you use EZauto Scheduler, you can create work orders and customers can pay you right on their phone in the scheduler. EZauto Scheduler’s built-in payment module works with any payment authorization gateway you currently use. This frees up your auto technicians by eliminating the time it takes to ring up customers at the front desk register.

Instead, just text your customers a paperless invoice when their car is done, and allow them to pay with a credit or debit card right on their phone in the scheduler. It’s that easy!

5. Use Text Messaging to Send Seasonal Tips

You can use text messaging to send helpful, seasonal tips to motivate customers to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape.  It will also demonstrate to customers that you care about their safety on the road.

6. Use Text Messaging to Gain Customer Feedback

When you send SMS text messages, you can easily open the door to a dialogue with your customers.  Doing so is another way of building customer trust and loyalty. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to gain instant feedback.

Ask customers Y/N questions via text, provide them with a link to a survey, and show them that your level of service—and their opinion—matters to you. They can also submit a review of your auto repair shop right within the scheduler. This is, perhaps, the biggest loyalty-building tool of all!


EZnet Scheduler® is a cloud-based, SaaS appointment scheduler with built-in resource management and credit card processing functionality. Our advanced data security guarantees the safety of your data and your customers’ data.  That’s why Software Advice rates us as one of the best for value, quality and features.
EZnet Scheduler screen shots
EZnet Scheduler is accessible on all devices, Windows/Android or Apple.








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