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10 Ways EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition Helps Financial Professionals

Accounts, investment brokers and financial planners:  If you think appointment schedulers are just for scheduling appointments, you haven’t met EZnet Scheduler®.  EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition also enables financial professionals to manage resources.  Our scheduler even has a built-in payment module to help you get paid quickly.  And there’s so much more our scheduler can do for your accounting or financial services practice. In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 ways EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition helps financial professionals.

1. Resource Management

Does your financial firm have multiple professionals that serve clients?  EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition enables appointment scheduling on three levels:  task, resource and station/room.

When clients book an appointment (which they can do online—no phone call required), the scheduler will show them a range of times that their preferred professional is available to meet with them.  If they need to meet with more than one member of your staff during their appointment, our scheduler can configure that complex appointment, too.

EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition optimizes scheduling so your clients move through their appointments in a smooth, timely manner. As a result, you’re assured that the office/meeting room and personnel are free during those time slots.

2. Payment Processing

EZnet Scheduler’s built-in payment module makes it quick and easy for clients to pay you for your services with a credit card. Our payment processing works with any payment authorization gateway you currently use.  If you’ve never before accepted credit card payments, we can help you get set up.

3. Appointment Self-Scheduling

Almost 70% of today’s consumers demand the ability to self-schedule appointments. Moreover, they do business with companies and professionals that offer online appointment self-scheduling before they’ll do business with those that don’t.  We can easily embed EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition on your website, blog and social media pages so you can pique prospective clients’ interest while their interest is piqued.

4. Recurring Appointments

EZnet Scheduler enables your customers to book recurring appointments with you. Then, before the day/time of the appointment, the scheduler will send an automatic appointment reminder and confirmation text. The confirmation (or cancellation or rescheduling) will appear in real-time on your calendar so you’ll know that the time slot is open again for booking.

5. Manage Multiple Locations

Does your financial practice have multiple locations?  EZnet Scheduler Financial Edition makes it easy to manage appointments at all of your locations, with our scheduler as your central appointment scheduling hub. Each staff member can be assigned their own, individual log-in credentials, and you can even limit their access.  EZnet Scheduler offers multiple account roles from Read-Only to Admin and everything in between.

6. Integration with Google and Facebook

Want to use Google and social media to drive more business to your financial practice?  EZnet Scheduler has those capabilities, too.  In fact, we can embed the scheduler in your Facebook page and website for optimal client appointment scheduling convenience.

7. A Scheduler at your Fingertips

Change in plans? On the run? Out of the country?  No problem!  EZnet Scheduler enables you and your customers to schedule, confirm or change appointments from any device—anytime, anywhere.

8. Retain Customers through Surveys and Reviews

The best way to foster client trust is to afford them a way to give you honest feedback that you’ll actually see and read via our built-in customer satisfaction survey tool.  And your clients can leave reviews within the scheduler, too.

9. Save Client Data

Save and manage your client information for easy, all-in-one-place access. Run reports, view customer history, and much more.

10. Flexibility and Adaptability

EZnet Scheduler is fully customizable for optimal flexibility to suit your particular needs.  It’s adaptable and scalable for any size firm—from a solo financial practitioner to a global financial services enterprise, and everything in between.

About EZnet Scheduler

EZnet Scheduler® is a cloud-based, SaaS appointment scheduler with built-in resource management and credit card processing functionality. Our advanced data security guarantees the safety of your data and your customers’ data.  That’s why Software Advice rates us as one of the best for value, quality and features.

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EZnet Scheduler is accessible on all devices, Windows/Android or Apple.
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