Essential Consulting Business Items

3 Essential Items Every Consulting Business Needs

Are you a life coach? A business consultant? A relationship guru? In any case, you are in charge of handling the lives of individuals who have turned to you for guidance. As such, it’s extremely important to invest in items that can help you do your job more easily and efficiently.  We’ve compiled a shortlist of 3 essential items every consulting business needs.

1. Whiteboard 

It’s not just for school anymore. Whiteboards offer a fantastic opportunity to lay out your thoughts and ideas before a meeting with a client. Often, writing down what is abstract in your mind can help you better visualize the journey you’re creating for a client. Moreover, it can help you bring this vision to life.

2. Online Scheduler

Long gone are the days of phone appointments and paper calendars. Seventy percent of today’s consumers demand the ability to self-schedule appointments.  An online scheduler gives them this option.  An online appointment scheduler like EZnet Scheduler® can help reduce no-shows and labor costs while increasing revenue and client satisfaction – all with an implementation of simplicity.

EZnet Scheduler screen shots
EZnet Scheduler is accessible on all devices, Windows/Android or Apple.


Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. You would want to be able to schedule an appointment when you want, 24/7/365, regardless if it’s after hours or on a weekend or holiday. Make it easy for your clients to schedule their appointments with you. They will appreciate it by being loyal to your business.

Why have an online calendar and a physical calendar? Why not? This allows you to prepare as much as possible for the meeting – with plenty of warning beforehand. Not only do you receive the digital alerts of your professional meetings with your online scheduler, but you can also look up at your calendar and see your personal dates such as birthdays and outings.

3. Upgraded Technology

If you conduct your meetings in person, this is important. However, if you conduct your meetings online, this is absolutely essential. Your connection must be fast and reliable.  Ensure that he computer you’re using has the most up-to-date operating system and maximum memory.  By the same token, you must have fiber optic internet connectivity.  Some business items are a necessary investment if you want to provide proper customer service and be efficient at what you do.

If you’re wondering how to take your consulting business to the next level, consider adding or updating any or all of these 3 essential items.

Remember that in every facet of your business, quality and customer service should be the priority. If you’re not meeting client needs and expectations, and if you aren’t able to run the everyday functions of your business without the stress brought on by outdated technology and cumbersome systems, you’re approaching business from the wrong angle.