Small Friday Things That Will Help Your Mondays

It’s normal to feel burned out at work on Friday.  You’ve spent five whole days throwing your very best (or at least what we think is our very best) into your job.  All you need now is a break, right?  The weekend flies by and then comes the dreaded Monday again.  That makes you feel even better than you did on Friday. Keep your chin up, working people!  There are some small Friday things that will help your Mondays.

1. Leave surprises for yourself.

Everyone loves surprises because they make us happy.  You can make yourself happier by leaving a surprise for yourself.  It can be anything from your favorite snack tucked away in one of your desk drawers to a gift card to your favorite lunch spot in your glovebox.  Give yourself something to really look forward to by thinking about what it is you typically need or crave when you have the “Monday Blues.”  Then, plan ahead! Hide the surprises, find them, and live a happier Monday life!

2. Schedule ahead and even change it up.

You know what needs to get done because it’s your schedule.  As such, break out that planner and give yourself breaks at different times of the day.  Better yet, make your planner a good online appointment schedulerSoftware Advice rates EZnet Scheduler® as one of the best on the market.  It’s feature-packed but affordable at the same time. Use the scheduler to plot out not only meetings but also breaks throughout your workweek.  Don’t forget to give yourself an extra fifteen minutes before work to do something you love!

EZnet Scheduler screen shots
EZnet Scheduler is accessible on all devices, Windows/Android or Apple.

Pro tip:  Schedule meetings in the middle of the week so you’ll be totally in the swing of things and at the top of your game.

3. Clean your workspace.

It’s way too stressful to arrive at work and see that your work area is an absolute disaster.  For sure, you don’t need any more work stress than you’ve already got. That being the case, tidy up before you leave for the weekend.  Declutter, organize — do whatever will make you feel more relaxed on Monday.

4. Work ahead.

If you know that there is a big project due on Monday, use Friday to begin it.  You might even want to complete it. Taking the stress of the project or task will make your Monday a million times easier.  The result will be less stress and a better outlook on Monday morning.

5. Leave encouraging tips for yourself.

If there is a negative event or outcome at the end of the week, jot down some tips for yourself on how to avoid being in that same situation again in the future. But don’t just focus on the bad aspects and how to improve them.  Rather, remind yourself what you did that was positive in the midst of the negativity.  In that way, you can figure out how to engineer more positive outcomes.

6. Show appreciation to your co-workers.

Give recognition to co-workers who have been particularly helpful to you in a given workweek. Send them an e-mail.  Or a text.  Take them out to lunch. As a result, they will be more willing and likely to help you in the future. Sometimes the best morale booster is a simple “thank you.”

What other Friday things can you think of to help your Mondays?  Let us know in the comments!