3 Mortal Enemies of Organization

3 Mortal Enemies of Organizations

Business owners often encounter obstacles in their quest for smooth, streamlined operations. These roadblocks hold them back from reaching their full potential. Moreover, they place a metaphorical rock in a series of gears that should otherwise turn perfectly. It’s time to clear the path to success and get organized. In this blog post, we’ll focus on the 3 mortal enemies of organizations.

1. Clutter and chaos

You can’t harvest any ideas in a messy office.  Likewise, you can’t communicate with vendors, partners or employees if you don’t look at — or even open — your emails. The longer you put off addressing these issues, the more your anxiety will grow.  Take control of the chaos!  Set aside time to clean and organize your office/workspace and purge your email inbox.  Clear thinking needs a clear workspace.

Another type of clutter and chaos is appointment scheduling and organization. Or, should we say disorganization?  We’re in the digital age, so why aren’t you using appointment scheduling software?  You need an appointment scheduler you can take with you wherever you go. And you need the scheduler to be accessible on any device — PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. Better yet, you need one that works on both Windows or Mac OS computer operating systems and on both Android or Apple phones.  EZnet Scheduler® enables all of that, plus much more.  And, it’s top-rated by Software Advice for its features, value, and affordable price.

2. Technology is both friend and foe

Text messages and video-sharing sites can be distracting in the workplace.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to go down a rabbit hole watching videos.  For this reason, if you don’t need your phone on and visible during your workday, shut it off.  Avoid visiting social media and any non-work-related sites when you are on your work computer.  In fact, most companies have strict policies about employee use of computers for engaging in social media. Eliminate the temptation by visiting only those sites and applications required by your employer.  Save the viral videos for the end of the day, after you’ve clocked out.

3. Stress will kill you if you let it

The most productive workers understand the importance of taking frequent breaks. Your body and mind require regular periods of rest; otherwise, you will just burn yourself out. Stress can also hinder your focus, and you’ll see the negative impact of it on your work. It’s okay to take a short walk, grab a bite, or even take a short “power nap.”  The goal is to relieve the stress and replenish your mind.  As a result, you will come back to work feeling more motivated and less stressed out.

Do you see a theme in these 3 mortal enemies of organizations?

The truth is, the greatest foe you face is you.  You enable what’s going on around you to create chaos in your mind.  You allow distractions, and you allow stress to overcome you. However, before you feel disheartened, realize that you can also create structure, enable focus and surround yourself with soothing calm.

Are you ready to conquer the 3 moral enemies of organizations?