6 Best Productivity Tools

It can be hard to stay productive in a disorganized setting, with our thousands of papers and folders piled high on our desk. The good thing is, though, that the world has moved forward in the world of productivity, and thousands of tools have been created to help us get our work done in the fastest, easiest way possible! Here are some great productivity tools to help you out:

  1. EZNet Scheduler. This is a multi-purpose scheduler than can be used on all devices! This increases your staff’s communication dramatically by offering a platform for everyone to memorize and plan their days! There’s even a login for clients as well as staff.
  2. Forest. This app is really cool, because it helps you focus on a given task by planting a “seed” that symbolizes the task you’re wanting to complete. You have to stay inside the app as the “tree” “grows” and you complete your task. Should you leave the app, your “tree” will die. The app also partners with real tree-planting organizations, so that’s an extra bit of motivation!
  3. Self-Control. This macOS app also helps you zero in and focus during work hours by blocking sites during a selected period of time. Any app or website you select, during any point in time that you have selected within the Self-Control app, will have access turned off until the time if up. You can’t switch off or delete the app to reset it, either; the sites will remain blocked until the end of the time slot you’ve chosen.
  4. Google Keep. This is a digital note-taking app that works with most devices. It’s known for its time and location reminders, so that you can get a pop-up message whenever you’re in the same spot or at a specific time. You can also record notes with the talk-to-text feature as well as color-code your notes.
  5. GoToMeeting is an online meeting/conference calling site that allows for easy screen sharing for a great show-and-tell type of meeting. It also has tools that allow you to edit the screen while in a meeting. It beats gathering all of your work and traveling to a secondary location.
  6. Google Docs and Google Slides. Easy access to different projects and file sharing. A group of people can edit the same project, as well as save it to their own personal computers or devices.

There are a countless number of tools at our disposal for increased productivity at work, and with the help of these fantastic tools, working has never been easier!

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