9 Ways to Boost your Auto Shop Productivity

auto shop productivityLooking for cost-effective ways to improve productivity at your auto repair shop? With the long hours and the daily business demands, you don’t have much time to explore ways to boost productivity. Below you’ll find a list of easy techniques to increase productivity at your auto repair shop.

Auto shop productivity heavily revolves around helping your team make the most of their workday. Being more efficient allows extra time to service more vehicles and increases revenue for your auto repair shop.

Here are the top ways to increase productivity at your auto shop.

  1. Communicate Progress: Having a system that shows all jobs in the shop makes it easier for one tech to hand off to the next tech. This communication is essential to increase productivity. Having a digital job board improves communication between technicians and staff on the progress of repairs. A job board helps maximize workflow and efficiency. More jobs are completed in a shorter amount of time.

  2. Embrace Technology: Technology can significantly improve productivity. Prepare a list of repairs with a deadline for the technicians. Features such as text updates, online appointment scheduling, and more can help your auto shop be more productive, saving you time and money.

  3. Plan Better: Planning is an essential part of improving productivity. Workflows can help streamline and automate repeatable tasks, minimizing room for errors and increasing overall efficiency. Shop managers can make quicker, smarter decisions, and technicians are empowered to collaborate more productively. Workflow planning helps you see the big picture while simultaneously paying attention to the small details that go into it.   Workflow automation helps you improve your auto business’s efficiency, overall revenue, and day-to-day operations.

  4. Set Deadlines: The whole point is to create goals for time spent on repair work to increase productivity. If more time is needed, then other technicians can help out with the repairs.

  5. Train Your Technicians And Staff: If you want to be productive, you need a top-notch staff. Take the time to train employees properly. Vehicles are more technologically complex than ever before, with electric vehicles, sensors, and computers. That’s why it’s critical for auto repair shops need to provide their employees with ongoing training to keep team knowledge up-to-date.

  6. Delegate Responsibility: Do you find yourself doing everything yourself? Are you at the shop early each morning, late each night, finishing paint jobs, putting cars back together, balancing repair tickets, and writing estimates? You can’t keep that up forever if the business continues to grow. Find ways to delegate to your team so you can focus on business development.

  7. Create Breaks: Productivity isn’t just about getting things done; it’s about getting things done well. If you want to improve performance and productivity, you need to take breaks.

  8. Appreciate Technicians And Staff: Take the time to tell your techs when they do a good job. This shows that you appreciate their work. Showing appreciation to your team will go a long way in keeping them motivated and productive.

  9. Send Text Reminders: When service advisors are busy answering shop phones and waiting on customers, calling to confirm appointments becomes an easily forgotten task. Our EZautoscheduler text messaging software sends appointment reminders automatically, allowing service techs more time to carry out other duties.

EZautoscheduler is a cloud-based auto shop software that helps you boost productivity and workflow for your auto shop. If you’re looking for new ways to automate appointment scheduling and manage your employees and projects, schedule a demo of our EZauto Scheduler software. Find out more on our website at auto shop productivity.