Powerful Ways to Reduce No-Shows

Reduce No Shows with these Proven Tips

reduce no showsIf you own a business that provides services, you’re likely familiar with appointment no shows. They are a headache for everyone. Many customers fail to appear for scheduled appointments. For service-based businesses, ensuring prospects show up for appointments can seem impossible. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to manage your schedule and time and eliminate, or at least reduce, the number of no-shows. 

Appointment cancellations can occur for a variety of reasons. Many people forget their upcoming appointments. Other customers did not show up because there was no convenient way to change or cancel it.

The True Cost of No-show Appointments

  • Empty appointments disrupt workflow efficiency
  • Reduces access to other customers who would have booked that time
  • Incurred labor costs of admin time managing the missed appointment

Steps to Reduce the Impact of No Shows

Ignoring no-shows is not the best business strategy. Regardless of the size of your business, it can negatively impact you in more ways than you might expect at first glance. 

  • Charge a no show fee
  • Require a deposit at the time of booking an appointment
  • Keep waitlists to fill appointments of no shows
  • Use appointment reminders
  • Send a ‘sorry we missed you’ note to encourage rebooking
  • Use systems to automate your scheduling

The Benefits of Appointment Reminders to Reduce No Shows

While not every no-show can be prevented, there are ways to reduce the number of no show appointments in your business. Seventy percent of customers want to receive appointment reminders. Appointment scheduling software can automatically send reminders via email, text messages, or push notifications.

Appointment Software Helps Customers To:

  • Self-schedule appointments
  • Manage existing appointments
  • View real-time appointment availability and anytime from any device
  • Pre-pay for appointments
  • Receive reminders for upcoming appointments

If you’re only keeping track of your appointments via paper and pen, expect appointment no-shows to continue. Despite keeping a detailed planner on you at all times, you’re missing out on so many other features that online tools and apps offer.

Scheduling tools reduce a back-and-forth exchange of dates and times when scheduling appointments. Business owners can provide clients and prospects with a link to their online calendar. The customer will see what appointments are available and book their appointment online.

Minimize No Shows with EZnet Scheduler

If you don’t have an appointment scheduling software yet but want to get started with customer reminders, sign up for the EZnet Scheduler appointment booking system for free and reduce your no-shows today!