How to Stay Motivated During a Long Work Week

Employee Motivation


It’s early Monday morning, but you already feel like it should be Wednesday afternoon. It’s going to be one of those weeks. You feel the miles are slowly going by, but when you look down, you’re on a treadmill. So, how can you remain motivated and focused when Friday seems further away than eternity?  Here’s how to stay motivated during a long work week.

How to Stay Motivated During a Long Work Week

1. Schedule your week in advance

Whether you perform this important task on Friday during the workday or Sunday’s free time, scheduling your week in advance can make it seem shorter. As a result, your goals will seem more achievable. And you will stay motivated during a long work week.  At the same time, be as detailed as possible and focus first on appointments and meetings. Seeing your entire workweek in front of you will provide a much-needed confidence boost. And who couldn’t use a little confidence boost going into Monday morning?

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2. Eat a solid breakfast each day

Coffee seems to be the breakfast of champions for many workers, but downing your favorite caffeinated beverage with no other sustenance isn’t a recipe for success. Not a fan of breakfast? Well, in the first place, it can be something as simple as avocado toast, a bowl of oats, or a breakfast bar. Providing your body with nutrition will help stabilize your mood.  Furthermore, it will help keep your energy level up. And that, alone, will help you stay motivated during a long work week.

3. Arrive at work early

It’s 7 AM Monday morning and you’re running through your house hurriedly trying to find a lost sock.  Where is the stack of important papers you need for a meeting?  You’re exhausted and stressed, and you haven’t even left for work yet. This is no way to start your day! Wake up at a time that allows you to prepare for the day at a comfortable pace. In addition, set your alarm so you can arrive at work early. This will provide you with plenty of leeways to do something enjoyable before you begin your day. Enjoy a cup of coffee, catch up with a friend or read a book. Starting your workday with a pleasant activity will make the office seem not so daunting and will help keep you motivated.

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3. Use your lunch break

Don’t skip lunch.  Take that break. In fact, utilize your lunch break to its fullest by leaving your office. Find a restaurant or café that provides a relaxing atmosphere and good food. On the other hand, if you want to save money, pack a lunch and enjoy it in a nice park or other quiet location.  In doing so, you will be able to destress. Leaving your office and getting out into the world can do wonders for your focus and motivation. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to go.

4. Plan a fun after-work activity

You work hard, so make sure you reward yourself with a little after-office fun. Make plans to meet friends for a beer or glass of wine.  Take your significant other on a dinner date.  Or, if physical activity is more your speed, join a gym or a sports league. Have an activity to look forward to after your workday. It will reduce your stress and will make even the longest workdays a bit more tolerable.

Unfortunately, long, stressful work weeks are going to occur. But if you follow these five simple tips, you’ll make it to Friday without feeling overwhelmed. And, that’s how to stay motivated during a long work week.