Improve Customer Service

5 Ways of Improving Customer Service

Have you ever visited a local business only to be treated poorly behind the counter? Or have you ever called to inquire about something only to have your blood pressure rise as your time is wasted?  You’ve probably experienced these scenarios at least once in your life, which is why, as a business owner, it’s essential for you to take pride in your company’s customer service.  Great customer service must be embedded in your company’s culture.  Read on for 5 ways of improving customer service in your company.

1. Respond and Communicate.

It’s important to remember that people don’t like to be ignored.  Responding quickly to customer concerns and complaints will go a long way in convincing them that you’re serious about delivering great customer service. If you don’t have an exact answer, at least acknowledge the customer and be courteous of their concerns. Also, be sure to communicate clearly.  Lack of communication and miscommunication are the roots of customer service problems.

2. Be a Product Expert.

One of the most important parts of great customer service is knowing your product. Be the product expert customers need when a problem or question arises. Customer will want to ask questions, and you should be able to provide quick, appropriate, authoritative answers.  Not having full product knowledge will frustrate your customers and will diminish your professionalism in the eyes of your customers.  Moreover, it will lead to negative reviews. If you are a reliable source of information, customers will trust you.  As a result, you will generate positive customer reviews and will position yourself as an expert in your industry.

3. Ability to Adapt.

It’s an absolute “must” for you to be able to gracefully navigate negative situations like hostile, angry customers who return a defective products.  Or customers who have been injured by your product. The ability to overcome these situations plays a crucial role in delivering superior customer service. It’s critical for you to be able to think on your feet, empathize with the customer and reassure them, and then determine a solution to the problem. More importantly, the solution must be satisfactory to the customer.

4. Take Feedback Responsibly.

Customer feedback is important for all businesses.  It’s like the business version of a report card.  Feedback enables you discover the mistakes you are making, the areas in which your company is lacking, and how customers actually view your company.  Negative comments are difficult for most business owners to handle; however, they do offer an opportunity to examine any potential missteps so your company can improve and grow.  It is especially important that you respond to all comments posted on your company’s social media pages and blog, whether those comments be positive or negative.  Consumers want to know that they’re being heard, especially when your product doesn’t perform as expected, breaks or causes injury to someone.  Ignoring the comments and failing to respond will send a clear signal that you simply don’t care.  That’s when the viral machine will be set in motion, with all the speed and fury of the internet, and you will have a far-reaching crisis to mitigate.

5. Invest in Your Customers.

Treat your customers as if they are your friends. Invest in them. Happy, satisfied customers usually become repeat customers.  Repeat business is the lifeblood of every company.  If you can continue to make customers happy during their repeat purchases, you can move them along the consumer behavior continuum to the product evangelist stage.  As a result, your company will gain the world’s best unofficial sales force that will spread word-of-mouth promotion of your company and is products online and on the ground.

Some Takeaways

The most important thing you can give your customers, aside from your product, is your excellent customer service. Love your customers and they will love you back.

Customer service is much more than saying hi, hello, thank you, and come again. Instead, provide an overall, high-quality experience that showcases your expertise.