Follow-up Appointments

3 Reasons Why You Need to Follow Up

You have a new customer, client or patient. He or she set up an appointment, arrived and successfully received their service or consultation. That’s the end, right? No, in actuality, this is where your relationship with the individual begins. No matter what type of profession you’re in, you need to follow up with everyone who schedules an appointment with you. In addition to showing that you care, there are 3 reasons why you need to follow up after an appointment. 

1. Set your business apart

How many times have you had your nails done or went for a wellness check-up, and never heard back from the person you received the service from? Probably not very often – and that’s a mistake on the business’s end because you’d most likely have a more positive view when deciding between competition in the future. Set yourself apart from others by showing that you truly care about the person who scheduled an appointment.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for choosing our practice for your wellness needs today. Here’s a reminder of what you need to do now:

  • Take calcium vitamins.
  • Exercise for 15 minutes per day, 5 times per week.
  • Make a follow up appointment with me in 2-3 months.

Feel free to call if you have any additional questions.

-Dr. Johnson

2. Be memorable

Remember your customers or clients and they’ll remember you. Appointments – particularly for consultations – typically involve personal interaction, which leads you to learning extensively about the person you’re speaking with. Often, the small bits of information you learn can be used to make a connection. Add this information into a follow up email, even if it’s a simple closing statement to show you listened. The more you can connect with someone and let them know that you were paying attention, the more they will feel personally invested in your business.


Hello Jane,

Thank you for signing up for a career consultation with us – it was great speaking with you today and setting up a path for your goals.

Good luck with your exam on Monday.

Many thanks,


3. Receive referrals

Perhaps one of the most useful reasons for following up is to remind people to refer you to others. Individuals won’t always remember to recommend you to friends and family – though word-of-mouth is still the most effective marketing technique. So, follow up with a gentle push. A simple follow up email can lead to more business for you.


Hey Simone!

I hope you LOVED your hair appointment today – the new style looks fabulous on you!

Just so you know, you can receive 20% off of your next appointment when you refer a friend or family member to my salon. Simply tell them to mention you in the comments when they make an appointment with my scheduler online.

See you soon,

Rachel Following up with individuals after an appointment is just as important as setting up the appointment initially. Keep track of everyone you meet with and make a plan for effective follow ups to ensure a thriving business with happy customers or clients.