Online Appointment Scheduling in Healthcare

Did you know that almost 41% of consumers schedule appointments after the close of normal business hours?  Moreover, 61% prefer a business or healthcare provider that offers online appointment scheduling. And, over 70% of them access the internet on their smartphone. For this reason, there is a need for online appointment scheduling in healthcare. Appointment

Prescription Center Uses EZcovid Scheduling™

  As the Covid vaccination effort continues, reports of scheduling debacles continue. In a New York Times article, “Faulty Software Snarls Vaccine Sign-Ups,” author Kellen Browning reported that in Virginia, the software recommended by the CDC was too confusing for older adults.  As a result, Virginia switched to another system.  But there were issues with

Meet Demand for 24/7 Appointment Scheduling

How are the wall calendar and sticky notes working for you?  Sooner or later, you will need a better appointment scheduling and reminder system.  Indeed, that better way is already here!  It’s called EZnet Scheduler®  Did you know that 70 percent of consumers expect to be able to schedule appointments online?  Furthermore, they want to

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6 Innovative Ways Educators use EZNet Scheduler

During this time of social isolation and remote learning, video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet are coming to the rescue for teachers and students around the world. However, these conferencing tools, combined with a robust scheduling tool like EZnet Scheduler®, are real lifesavers.  There are 6 innovative ways educators use EZnet Scheduler.   6

How to Follow Up With a Sales Lead

Locating leads is difficult enough, but once you find this valuable commodity, the next steps will determine whether a potential client becomes an actual client or just another missed opportunity. So, what’s next? Enter the follow-up, an activity that demands the right balance of contact and perfect timing. It’s an intimidating endeavor that can baffle

How to Stay Motivated During a Long Work Week

It’s early Monday morning, but you already feel like it should be Wednesday afternoon. It’s going to be one of those weeks. You feel the miles are slowly going by, but when you look down, you’re on a treadmill. So, how can you remain motivated and focused when Friday seems further away than eternity?  Here’s

Tips for a Calm Waiting Room

Arriving anywhere for an appointment shouldn’t be stressful, for the customer or for the service provider.  But there are times when your waiting room looks like the apocalypse blown in on a tornado. Everyone wants to avoid days like that, and by making a few small adjustments, you can.  Below are some tips for a

4 Signs That You Need to Get Organized

The words “get organized” are not something we look forward to hearing at work.  Yet, if we look at the situation the right way, getting organized can be a source of hope and determination. By the same token, some of us don’t even realize we need to get organized until we need to find something

Note Taking Tips for Work

6 Notetaking Tips for Business

Notetaking in business is vastly different from the same activity in other settings.  Notes taken at home are usually simple reminders to get daily tasks done. And unlike academic settings, at work there is no test, so notes are strictly for your own benefit. It is sometimes tricky to figure out when notetaking should be done. 

Physicians Tips to Increase Follow Up Appointments

3 Tips to Increase Physician Follow-Up Appointments

Most busy physicians know the pain of cancellations and no-show appointments. It can be the most frustrating aspect of owning a medical practice. No-shows can cost your business a great deal of money if you aren’t careful.  But perhaps the most surprising thing is that most of those no-shows are for follow up appointments. Patients