4 Features of a Productive Workspace

Maintaining a productive workspace can be a challenge. First, it’s easy for clutter to get out of hand.  Second, we often become distracted by music playing in the background. For sure, cheap office chairs that don’t support your workers’ posture will diminish their productivity. On thing is certain:  we don’t pay enough attention to the physical aspects of a workspace and how they impact our productivity. Here are 4 features of a productive workspace that can greatly improve worker productivity, morale and job satisfaction.

1. Noise control

When you picture a modern workspace, it’s common to imagine an open layout where everyone is relaxed and communicating with one other.  Ideally, everyone should be focused on the tasks at hand. In reality, if the collective volume of workers’ chatter is too loud, or if background music is played at too loud of a volume,  even the most focused workers can become distracted. Consider implementing an earbuds-only rule for your office and remind workers to talk quietly when speaking with each other. As a result, your team will be more productive.

2. Ergonomics

Implementing ergonomics in your workspace will encourage structured comfort for your employees. Many of them spend forty hours per week seated in an uncomfortable desk chair. And constantly staring at a screen can invite dry eye and other vision problems. Invest in ergonomic chairs that support comfort and good posture.  Likewise, invest in ergonomic track balls, mice and keyboards to keep your employees from becoming too burnt out at the end of the day.  Moreover, empower workers to take several short breaks each day so their eyes aren’t constantly subjected to the damaging light of a computer screen.

3. Cleanliness and eco-friendliness

Office cleanliness prevents germs and the spread of illness. In a communal workspace, this is vitally important in order to keep your whole team from becoming sick. By the same token, preventing clutter from piling up will also help your team stay focused by reducing the number of visual distractions to which they’re exposed.  When bringing in professional cleaning services, choose providers that use natural, eco-friendly products to decrease the chance of chemical irritants negatively affecting your employees.

4. Coffee!

Coffee is central to today’s office culture. People like to drink it because it tastes good and helps them focus. If your office doesn’t have a coffee bar area already, consider investing in one. It will give them a specific space to socialize and will fuel their ability to keep their focus on the tasks at hand. Include coffee, creamers, sweeteners, teas, and even some granola bars to help them keep going through their work day.

Maintaining a productive office requires much more than just assigning employees their roles and leaving them to figure out what works. Implementing these features will require an investment, but it will help set your team up for success, which benefits everyone involved.