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6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need an Appointment Scheduler

You ‘ve got a calendar on your desk, sticky notes on your wall and a daily planner in your briefcase or backpack.  It works.  Right?  And in your mind, there are 6 reasons why you don’t need an appointment scheduler.

Or do you?

Reason #1 why you don’t need an appointment scheduler:  It’s too much work to install it on your phone or computer.

Scheduling software does not have to be installed on your computer. In fact, if you use EZnet Scheduler®, all you have to do is embed it in your website (which we can help you with) or access it via our URL.  That’s because EZnet Scheduler is a cloud-based SaaS online appointment scheduling software.  You don’t download or install anything, ever. We host the application and keep it updated (so you don’t have to). All you have to do is use it.


Reason #2 why you don’t need an appointment scheduler:  It’s too hard to learn how to use it.

Wrong!  Every EZnet Scheduler subscription—and even our 15-day free trial—comes with a complimentary 30-minute setup session.  Our EZnet Scheduler product experts will show you what to do and will make sure you grasp all of the features and functionality of the scheduler so you don’t have to figure it out yourself.  In 30 minutes or less, you’ll be using EZnet Scheduler like a pro.


Reason #3 why you don’t need an appointment scheduler:  SaaS programs aren’t secure.

Some online appointment schedulers are not secure. Others are. And EZnet Scheduler is one of them. We take data security very seriously.  In fact, as an extra bonus, we can give your employees data security tips.  As an EZnet Scheduler customer, you can rest easy because we keep your and your clients’ data safe and secure.  We know that cybercrime is on the rise and that no business is immune from attack, even very small sole proprietorships.  We take the hassle out that by securing your customer data. You will never lose your data.


Reason #4 why you don’t need an appointment scheduler:  It costs too much.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you first need to reorient your thinking about cost.  Instead of focusing on what something will cost, focus on the value it will bring to your business. For example, EZnet Scheduler does more than just enable appointment scheduling.  It also enables your customers to self-schedule appointments 24/7.  When you stop to consider the fact that 70% of all consumers demand the ability to do that, EZnet Scheduler becomes an incredible value because meeting consumer demand is half the battle in retaining customers and acquiring new ones.

And that adds up to increased revenue.

But there’s more.  EZnet Scheduler also enables you to manage resources, schedule overlapping and recurring appointments and get paid via credit card prior to your customers’ appointments with you. Our payment module works with any payment authorization gateway you currently use.


Reason #5 why you don’t need an appointment scheduler:  I’m afraid I won’t be able to get customer support if there’s a problem with my scheduler.

We understand. We’re aware that many of our competitors don’t offer reliable customer support. That’s why so many of their customers take to social media to air their complaints, anger and grievances.  Sadly, those negative comments go unanswered by our competitors.

But it’s different here at EZnet Scheduler. We back our SaaS appointment scheduler with 24/7 USA-based phone support.  We can do that because there are so few issues with our scheduler that the phone hardly ever rings.  But, nonetheless, we’re here if you need to call us. And whatever the question or issue is, we will have answers and solutions.


Reason #6 why you don’t need an appointment scheduler:  I’ll be tied to my computer.

No, you won’t!  You see, EZnet Scheduler is cloud-based, so it’s accessible on any device, anywhere you are.  Want to work from the beach on a hot July day?  Or taking a “working vacation” in Cancun?  Great!  Access the scheduler on your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple).  Meeting with a client at their office?  No problem!  You’ve got your tablet or laptop with you, so you have access to your scheduler.  And our drag-and-drop feature makes it super simple to schedule appointments.


Still think you don’t need an appointment scheduler?

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