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SMBs Need Scalable SaaS Solutions

If you own a small to midsize business (SMB), you are focused on growth. Your primary need is scalability, which is one of the biggest advantages of implementing cloud-based SaaS. Keep reading to learn why SMBs need scalable SaaS solutions.  

A system is considered to be scalable when it doesn’t need to be redesigned to maintain effective performance during or after a steep increase in workload.  Scalability not only allows you to stay nimble in meeting the demands of customers, but also allows you to fulfill surges in new orders so billing can begin immediately.

In other words, the user doesn’t “outgrow” the software.

5 Reasons why SMBs need Scalable Solutions  

1. Purchase only what you need

At the outset, scalability allows a SMB to purchase only what it immediately needs as opposed to every feature that might be useful down the road. Building this way prepares SMBs for future growth and creates a leaner product that suits current needs without extra complexity.

2. Lower maintenance costs

Scalability is an essential component of enterprise software. Prioritizing it from the start leads to lower maintenance costs, better user experience and higher agility. It requires a lower up-front financial outlay, which is a major consideration for SMBs that are worried about the size of big data investments.

But make no mistake about it:  Scalability isn’t a “bonus feature.” It’s the quality that determines the lifetime value of the software.  For example, our premier SaaS appointment scheduler, EZnet Scheduler®, is designed to grow with you. As your business expands, you can add more features and integrations.

SMBs Need Scalable SaaS Solutions
SMBs need scalable SaaS solutions like EZnet Scheduler, the easiest yet most powerful online appointment scheduler on the market today.

For instance, a service provider might start as a solopreneur. But over time, as the service provider’s customer base grows, he/she will may acquire a staff of service providers as well as company vehicles. Appointments may even require multiple technicians and overlapping appointments. The good news is that EZnet Scheduler has features to handle all of that. Moreover, it’s designed to enable you to use your scheduler as a resource management tool, so your SMB’s growth gets that much easier to manage.

It’s like a business partner in the cloud.

And how awesome is it that customers can prepay for appointments right within the scheduler? That takes recurring appointments to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

3. Protects the initial technology investment

Choosing scalable solutions protects the initial technology investment. As a result, SMBs can continue using the same software for a longer period of time because the software was designed to grow with them. When it comes time to change, building onto solid, scalable software is considerably less expensive than is an attempt to adapt less-agile programs to a SMB’s growing or changing needs.

4. Leaves room for changing priorities

Software can lose relevance as a company shifts to meet the changing demands of an evolving marketplace. Scalability leaves room for shifting priorities.  As a result, scalable SaaS solutions enable SMBs to more quickly react to unexpected circumstances (like a pandemic) that necessitate operational change.

5. Assessing the scalability of SaaS

When assessing the scalability of any SaaS solution, SMBs should consider how SaaS platform providers stack up across these 6 areas:

  1. The ability to scale to a large number of subscribers.
  2. Resources that guarantee the same levels of service quality for every customer.
  3. Flexible service level agreements (SLAs) that allow for changing demands and scenarios.
  4. Readily-available support as the user base grows.
  5. A proven scalability track record over time.
  6. Use of load-balancing, virtual servers, and virtual storage.

While some SaaS solutions are made for companies of specific sizes, EZnet Scheduler brings simplicity and power together in one customizable yet affordable scheduler. So, Tony’s Tire Shop with one or two bays can benefit from the features of EZnet Scheduler as much as large tire centers like Goodyear can.

EZnet Scheduler provides another “must have”:  24/7 phone support.  No matter which EZnet Scheduler plan you sign up for, you get unlimited phone support.  So whether you’re a small business owner with a question about the scheduler’s functionality or you’re a growth business that needs an onboarding session for new hires, EZnet Scheduler provides the support you need. Moreover, that support is provided by real, USA-based humans, not bots.

And EZnet Scheduler even gives you an onboarding gift after your complimentary setup session:  a $10 Dunkin gift card!

Image of Dunkin' $10 Gift Card
Enjoy coffee and donuts on us following your complimentary EZnet Scheduler setup session.

You get the most powerful, scalable, supported appointment scheduler on the market today. And then you get coffee and doughnuts on us.

Scalable SaaS never tasted this good!

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