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10 SaaS Myths

Most people know that the majority of SaaS (Software as a Service) products are cloud-based.  They mistakenly believe that using a SaaS product will mean that their data will be “out there in the universe” to be breached in the blink of an eye. That’s one of 10 SaaS myths that are far from the truth.

In fact, here at EZnet Services®/EZnet Scheduler®, our clients’ data has never been breached. That’s because we’ve “gone the extra mile” in terms of data security—to keep our clients’ and our own data safe and secure.

Remember what we told you in an earlier blog post: “the cloud” is a fancy name for “someone else’s server.”  Reputable SaaS providers know more about data security than the average business owner knows. Therefore, data is better secured on the SaaS provider’s server than on yours.

There are 10 SaaS myths we’ll dispel:

#1 – Security

Here at EZnet Scheduler, we often hear prospective clients say, “We’re used to storing data on our own server. If you’re asking me to store my data on your servers, will it really be secure?”

The reality is that SaaS vendors like EZnet Scheduler are quite attuned to security policies, have robust security of their own and have all the policies and infrastructure in place to safeguard your data. As a result, your data is more secure with a SaaS vendor’s hosting infrastructure than it is in your own internal network.

#2 – Loss of Control Over the Application

Many business owners and CIOs feel that the SaaS process will lead to a loss of control of their data and applications.  That’s not true.  Think of it as the equivalent of buying a house. The mortgage lender doesn’t own or control your home—you do. You are in complete control of it, from the exterior siding down to the last plank of hardwood flooring.  The same holds true of SaaS. We store your data, but the data is still yours, not ours.

#3 – SaaS is a Fading Fad

No, SaaS is not a fad! And it’s definitely not fading from the technology landscape. In fact, if you use G-mail, you’re basically using SaaS.  Do your graphic designers use Photoshop?  That’s now a SaaS product, as well. Quickbooks has a SaaS online version, and our own EZnet Scheduler, which has been on the market since 2012, is a cloud-based SaaS.

Just like the automobile replaced the horse and buggy, SaaS is rapidly replacing old-fashioned, on-premise software.  One advantage to that is that SaaS updates automatically. You don’t have to move a muscle to enjoy the benefits of the updated version of your SaaS program.

#4 – SaaS is Difficult to Integrate and Customize

Again, the answer is “no.”  Most SaaS providers have their application programming interface (API), which is specifically designed to help integrate their software with other applications and with your systems. EZnet Scheduler is integrated with Google, Shopify, Facebook and WordPress. Plus, we offer custom APIs. You can give it a test whirl during the 15-day free trial that comes standard with all EZnet Scheduler subscription plans.

#5 – SaaS is a Threat to IT Teams

More “no!”   Implementing SaaS at your company does not at all negate the need for an IT team.  In fact, SaaS actually frees up resources so your IT team can work on other IT matters. Moreover, there are several SaaS tools available for IT management, where the IT team can get away from managing the day-to-day hassles of systems and network management.

#6 – SaaS is Prohibitively Expensive

No, SaaS is not prohibitively expensive.  In fact, with on-premise software, there are expenses associated with software licenses, installed servers, people to manage the software, backup servers, and upgrade costs. But with SaaS, everything is included in one price, which is typically much lower than the price for the on-premise version would be. Here at EZnet Scheduler, we keep our prices affordable, starting at just $22.87 per month, billed annually.

#7 – SaaS is only for Small Companies

Considering that EZnet Scheduler is a small company with clients like Home Depot and United Healthcare, both of which are in the Fortune 500, SaaS is clearly NOT just for small companies.  It’s for everyone, from the tiniest “mom and pop” operation to companies the size of Amazon. And it’s perfect for companies that operate virtually.  Here at EZnet Scheduler, we tailor your subscription to fit the size of your company and the number of users you require. And we make it highly affordable. Even our Power User package for up to 50 users clocks in at a ridiculously-affordable $54.95 per month, billed annually. Need more than 50 users?  We’ve got special rates for you, too. That’s why we’re top-rated by Software Advice.

#8 – SaaS Doesn’t Have all the Features of On-Premise Software

Actually, SaaS has more scheduling features than on-premise software, not less. Today’s SaaS applications, including EZnet Scheduler, are built around APIs. There are several communities for building APIs like those required for iPhone applications, SaaS mobile versions and connecting to other applications. It is a very powerful movement. Moreover, EZnet’s programmers can build custom APIs. Just let us know your requirements.

#9 – SaaS is only for CRM and Front Office Applications

Not so!  There is a SaaS product for every industry vertical. SaaS solutions are steadily penetrating all B2B and B2C sectors.  In fact, EZnet Scheduler is used in over 30 industries.  For example, it powers scheduling and resource management in home improvement (Home Depot), in Covid vaccination (Prescription Center in Beverly Hills), in government agencies (Florida Dept. of Agriculture) and healthcare (United Healthcare).

#10 – SaaS Has a High Learning Curve (our personal favorite myth)

Many people mistakenly believe that SaaS is very difficult to use, since most of them are not used to the web model. For a SaaS vendor, simplicity is the key.

For example, we built EZnet Scheduler to be so simple (yet so powerful) that anyone can learn to use it in about 15 minutes. In fact, we give you a 30-minute free setup/onboarding session (the extra time is for any questions you may have). We also give you the first 15 days free.

And, as if that’s not enough, we give you real, live phone support. Yes, our customer support is provided by real, live USA-based humans, not bots. Not only do we make it simple, but we also make it totally foolproof. Learn more by watching our one-minute explainer video.

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EZnet Scheduler is packed with one-of-a-kind features that are fully customizable so your scheduler will work the way you do.
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